How to Create a Memorable Party Experience

How to Create a Memorable Party Experience

What People Remember
Look, lets take the pressure off throwing the perfect night. You actually do not have to make the whole night be a series of bangs and bings after another. In fact, people remember 3 things:

The First 5 Minutes: What happens as people first arrive? This is something people remember most– just like an event first impression.

The High or the Low: This one is odd, but your event has to have a high. Otherwise? People just remember the low or worse, nothing at all.

The Last 5 Minutes: How people leave and what happens as they leave the night is the other thing that sticks with them – why? We typically evaluate the entire night right after we leave, so the recency effect sticks with us.

These are the three things you want to think about most for your event. If you nail them, your night will be awesome.

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