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Are Your Ready To Host An Epic Vision Board Party?

Our Themed Party-to-Go box was created so you can effortlessly host the ultimate Vision Board party. We provide the decor, table scape, and everything you need to know to host like a pro. Scroll Down to learn more about ...

  • What You and Your Guest Should Wear
  • What Type of Vision Board Party You Should Have
  • What Food You Should Prepare
  • What Drinks You Should Serve
  • What You and Your Guest Should Listen To to Get Inspired

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What's Included In Your Party In A Box


(2) Picture Frames 8x8
(2) Signage: Inspirational Quote Poster
(2) 8" x 12" Rectangle Slate Server

(12) pk Appetizer Shooter Cups

(12) pk Mini Appetizer Bowls

(1) 12”x71” Table Runner
(2) White 10” Square Plastic Plates
(50) pk Black napkins
(24) pk Black and White dotted napkins
(8) Stemless Wine Glasses
(12) High Quality Disposable Silver Forks

(1) Icebreaker Instruction Card
(8) 11”X14” Vision Boards
(4) Vision Board Magazines
(24) Assorted Quote Cards
(4) 8”Scissors
(4) Rolls of Tape Dots

What is a Vision Party?

A vision board party is an event where you gather with friends and family, and everyone thinks about the goals they want to achieve in the upcoming future (usually in the next year). 

Many include their New Years Resolutions.

Well, the party is all about creating a visual reminder of those goals.

To keep your dreams and aspirations front and center throughout the year, you use poster boards (or those thick styrofoam type boards), snippets from magazines, and craft supplies to create a collage of what your goals would look like in real life. 

Ultimately, the goal of a board party is for each person to make something that keeps them motivated and accountable throughout the year. 

The end result is a gift in-and-of itself!

The Agenda

  • If you want your vision board party to flow perfectly, you'll need these key items scheduled.

    1. Welcome, Mix ,and Mingle: At the beginning of the party, give people a lot of time to find their space, get a drink and get settle.
    2. Ice Breaker Activity: Once most of the guests have arrived, do an icebreaker that will allow your guest to get to know the other people in the room.
    3. Vision Board Overview: Not everyone who shows up will know what a Vision Board is. Before you dive into the building Vision Boards, give a brief talk about how to create one.
    4. Working Session: Some structured time for your guest to start to look through magazines and find things that really speak to what they want to accomplish.
    5. Eat, Drink and be Merry:
    6. Share Your Visions:

    Times are not associated with all of the items on the agenda because you want the event to flow naturally. But it is important to create an agenda to make sure you hit all of the items. 

What To Eat...

Present food on top of, and inside of cigar boxes and wooden trays. Fill them with uncooked rice or dried black bean, or tropical leaves.

Serve themed appetizers on a buffet table, or serve a meal family-style. Include a bowl of chicharrones (crispy pork rinds), plantain chips, or chips with a variety of tropical salsas.

What to Drink...

The best way to welcome your guests is with a signature cocktail! Serve up one or two of Cuba’s most famous drinks, a Mojito, a Culto a La Vida, or a Cuba Libre.

  • The Cosmopolitan

    The Cosmopolitan is a pop culture icon that's become a modern classic for good reason: the cocktail is as eye-catching as it is delicious. Depending on the ratio of cranberry juice to vodka, the color can range from the palest blush to bright scarlet as with our version here. 

    The recipe is HERE.

  • The Mai Tai

    Nothing says palm trees and sandy beaches quite like the Mai Tai. In 1944, Victor “Trader Vic” Bergeron, founder of the international Polynesian restaurant chain (yes,thatTrader Vic) served his new tiki drink to friends visiting from Tahiti. One sip and it was declared “Maitai’i roe a’e” (“out of this world, the best,” in Tahitian).

    Get the recipe HERE

  • Spicy Margarita

    Shake up tequila, fresh lime juice, and homemade sriracha syrup for a tart, refreshingly spicy cocktail with can’t-stop-sipping heat. Store any leftover syrup in the fridge for a future cocktail.

    Get the recipe HERE

  • Blood Orange Spritz

    This light winter twist on the classic Aperol spritz combines champagne, Aperol, and blood orange juice for a festive cocktail that's simple enough to make at any party.

    The recipe is HERE.

  • Classic Fresh Lime Margarita

    A big batch of this tangy, refreshing (simple!) cocktail will make any gathering feel like a party. Make sure to use the best white tequila and the freshest limes you can find.

    Get the recipe HERE.

  • Classic Daiquiri

    The classic daiquiri is all about the right balance. Frozen daiquiris are fine, but this classic cocktail needs only three ingredients, ice, and a cocktail shaker.

    Get the recipe HERE.

What to Listen To...

Try our Curated Playlist of Classic and Contemporary Cuban songs to transpose your guest to Cuba with sound.You can also try google "Cuban Playlist" on Spotify, Apple Music and You Tube Music

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