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Are You Ready To Host the Ultimate Havana Nights Themed Dinner Party!

Our Themed Dinner Party-to-Go box was created so you can effortlessly host the ultimate dinner party. We provide the decor, table scape, and all you need to know to host like a pro. Scroll Down to learn more about ...

  • What You and Your Guest Should Wear
  • What Activities You Should Do
  • What Food You Should Prepare
  • What Drinks You Should Serve
  • What You and Your Guest Should Listen To

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What's Included In Your Party In A Box


8 Cuban Print Coasters
8 Cuban Party Paper Napkin Ring
2 Wood 8 x 11 Frames**
Signage: “Cuba” and “Havana Nights”
3 Cuban Cigar Boxes**
2 Faux Banana Leaves**

8 pack Gold Charger Plates**
8 pack White Round Dinner Plates
8 pack White Round Appetizer/Dessert Plates
16 pack Gold and Cuban Print Luncheon Napkins
50 pack Red Beverage Napkins
8 Straight Up Mohito Glass Cup**
High Quality Disposable Gold Flatware: (16 forks, 8 spoons, 8 knives)


** Reusable Items to enjoy over & over

What to Wear...

In general the look can either be white linen and cotton, or bright and bold colors for a festive feel.

  • Women can wear flowy dresses, tropical prints, floral prints, off-the-shoulder styles, bandeaux style tops, and wrap skirts.
  • Men should wear light colored or white linen suits, straw fedoras or Panama hats, tropical print shirts, loose trousers, or white crop pants.
  • A guayabera is a traditional lightweight button down shirt that men wear, and may have decorative stitching down the front.

What to Do...

  • Dance the salsa.
  • Start a Conga line.
  • Have a limbo contest.
  • Share some Cuban trivia.

The Game of Dominoes is the Official Game of Cuba

What To Eat...

Present food on top of, and inside of cigar boxes and wooden trays. Fill them with uncooked rice or dried black bean, or tropical leaves.

Serve themed appetizers on a buffet table, or serve a meal family-style. Include a bowl of chicharrones (crispy pork rinds), plantain chips, or chips with a variety of tropical salsas.

What to Drink...

The best way to welcome your guests is with a signature cocktail! Serve up one or two of Cuba’s most famous drinks, a Mojito, a Culto a La Vida, or a Cuba Libre.

  • Mojita

    Sugary, refreshing, and herbaceous, Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail based on rum as the key ingredient. It has a relatively low alcohol content (about 10%). Although Havana is considered its birthplace, the origin of this simple cocktail is still disputed.

    The components of the cocktail are added in a particular order: sugar and lime juice are gently mashed before mint and rum are added to the combination; the cocktail is then briefly stirred and topped with ice and sparkling soda water.

  • Culto a la Vida

    Originating from Havana, Culto a la Vida is a classic Cuban cocktail consisting of dark rum, cranberry juice, lime juice, and sugar. It is important to use dark rum instead of dry white rum because it is aged for a longer period of time, which improves the cocktail's flavors.

    Culto a la Vida (lit. Cult of Life) is typically made by blending and stirring the ingredients in a shaker before serving it on the rocks in a long drink glass with a lime wedge garnish.

  • Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre is a Cuban cocktail based on rum, with the addition of cola and lime. In Spanish, its name means Free Cuba, and although the exact origin of this cocktail is still a mystery, it was probably first mixed in Havana in August 1900, after the Spanish-American war, when Coca-Cola was available in Cuba.

What to Listen To...

Try our Curated Playlist of Classic and Contemporary Cuban songs to transpose your guest to Cuba with sound.You can also try google "Cuban Playlist" on Spotify, Apple Music and You Tube Music

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